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Moosend Review 2024: Is This The Email Tool For You?

  by Jamil Ahmed / May 10, 2024

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Moosend Review 2024: Is this email tool for you?

Moosend is adding a new, fresh breeze to the email marketing space.

Notably equipped with a complete suite of tools for any business, Moosend helps in building email campaigns in the easiest manner through email automation and tracking.

Its strong automation features and simple UI have endeared the platform to many marketers who need to humanely ease the optimization of their email strategies.

This explains the growing attention that Moosend is receiving in the email marketing space and is, therefore, attributed to its ability to marry simplicity with powerful functionality.

Whether you are a small business owner or a professional marketer of a large corporation, Moosend makes the effectiveness and results of your campaigns skyrocket.

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Moosend Review 2024: Is this The email tool for you?


This Moosend review seeks to dig out what is making it a must-have marketing tool and how it stands out. Many Moosend reviews point out that the software has managed to set a trend in the industry with some of its tools, including the most innovative features and scaling pricing plans.

Overview of Moosend Features

Email Marketing Automation Workflow

Moosend focuses on automating marketing tasks—a feature that has it at the forefront in many Email Software Reviews.

At its heart, the Moosend marketing automation tools are set out to bring time-saving efforts and efficiency levels higher.

The first one enables you to easily set them up based on the actions of subscribers or specific dates and automatically send the target audience relevant emails.

This enables each interaction of customers to be personal and timely, thereby improving the effectiveness of marketing to such a high level of automation.

Templates and List Management

Among the most important features that differentiate Moosend from its competitors are the rich-featured templates, allowing to perform advanced segmentation and to make the most targeted marketing campaigns.

This would help a marketer group subscribers according to the criteria of behavior, demographics, or engagement level. This capability assures high relevancy of the content to each of the receivers, hence increase the open rates and conversions.

Besides, Moosend offers strong list management tools like the subscriber list, double opt-in procedures, and suppression lists that will also offer details on the segmentation of emails.

This would maintain the health of your list and improve campaign performance by removing unengaged subscribers and spam complaints.

Campaign Management

The following types of campaigns are the ones implemented by Moosend to serve many marketing needs and strategies:

Regular Campaigns: These are ordinary campaign emails dispatched to segments or whole lists.

Campaigns A/B Split Test: These iconic campaigns allow the marketers to test varied versions of their emails to see which of these would work best in open rates and click-through rates.

Repeatable HTML Campaigns: In other words, if someone wants to code their emails, Moosend allows them to use custom HTML input.

RSS Campaigns: Keep your entire subscriber list up-to-date with the latest from an RSS feed of your blog or news site.

Automation Campaigns: Automate—set up emails that get sent to customers at the right time based on customer behavior or other conditions.

Each campaign type can be personalized with Moosend’s intuitive interface and enriched by the detailed analytics the platform provides, so that businesses can modify their approach in real time to meet their consumers’ shifting expectations.

This puts Moosend with solid campaign management capabilities and as a tool that fits all different types of email marketing strategies.

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Detailed Moosend Reviews

User Interface and Usability

The most appraised aspects Moosend is known for include one of the best user interfaces, clear, and easily navigable in its categories.

Most of the new users often tend to point out that it is very easy to get started with the platform, attributing the intuitively friendly design for the easiness.

Where Moosend really excels is its drag-and-drop editor that enables you to craft amazing emails with ease and without the hassle of code-writing.

This easy-to-use and intuitive editor places elements such as text, image, buttons, etc., to ensure that the process of creating campaigns is very fast and effective.

This platform also includes a responsive design preview to give customers the ability to ensure their campaigns look beautiful and work perfectly on any device.

Building an Email, Templates

Our Moosend email builder comes with a wide range of premade templates that cover any kind of industry and occasion.

These are not only eye-pleasing but also 100% editable templates, implying that marketers can edit their emails to convey the voice of the brand and campaign personality.

The flexibility to be able to change the text ensures that whether your set task is to send out a promo campaign, newsletter, or special announcement, one template remains workable to your needs.

Each template is also conversion-optimized, helping it include elements known to drive engagement and click-throughs.

Features for Automation and Integration

Moosend automation features are all-encompassing, aiming at simplifying even the most intricate marketing operation—from simple autoresponders to the highly sophisticated behavioral triggered emails.

The workflows of automation can be set to send certain messages based on the subscribers’ previous activities, either within the previous email received or activities on your website.

In essence, this way, relevancy and timing in communications will be enhanced, hence improving the level of engagement and customer retention.

Moosend also integrates well with many other third-party applications, which include CRM systems, e-commerce, and web analytic tools.

These integrations make it possible for syncing marketing data between these platforms; thus, it allows a more consolidated workflow and gives users an opportunity to dive deeper further into data for analysis and segmentation.

Such kind of interconnectivity will come in particularly handy for business organizations that are eyeing the automation of their entire marketing ecosystem, including email campaigns.

In general, most of the reviews for Moosend uphold high ratings for powerful features, ease of use, and smooth integrations of other business tools, even recommending it to novices next to experienced marketers in the digital space.

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Moosend Review – Well, what makes Moosend unique?

Here are some of the most essential parts that make Moosend unique compared to other email marketing providers and at the same time serve new users and amateur marketers up to the most experienced users and marketing experts looking for solutions to their most sophisticated marketing.

Advanced Automation Workflows

What really makes Moosend stand out in the midst of a busy email marketing landscape is its advanced automation workflows.

These are not your run-of-the-mill autoresponders but rather very customizable sequences that can be activated by specific subscriber actions, such as opening an email or visiting a webpage.

Create your own multi-step complex automation campaigns that run on autopilot; make sure the right message reaches the right person at the right time with Moosend.

This feature will be used effectively for lead nurturing and bringing down the flow of leads in the sale funnel, respectively increasing the potential for conversion.

Segment Templates

Very specific to Moosend is the use of segment templates. Such templates make it very easy to produce—in the end, super-targeted emails—either by using some predefined or building custom segments. This could include segmentation based on subscriber behavior, demographic data, or engagement level.

By utilizing these templates, marketers can deliver more personalized and relevant content, which is known to improve both open rates and subscriber satisfaction.

It means that businesses can dynamically react to the evolving needs and interests of their audience by easily creating segments and corresponding campaigns quickly.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Moosend also boasts real-time analytics and detailed reporting features. This way, marketers can see the performance of their campaigns in real-time mode, which lets them know the open rate, click rate, and finally, conversion rate.

This timely feedback is critical to making rapid adjustments to campaigns, including A/B testing various messages and designs to optimize results.

Users can derive not only an understanding of how their campaigns are working but also why they are working in that manner through the detailed data depth available, making decision-making even more data-driven.

Pricing Structure: Easy to Understand

Unlike most of the other email marketing platforms, Moosend has one transparent and very flexible pricing model, which could be adjusted based on the user’s business growth.

This is the most attractive model for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups who would need great marketing automation but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

On the other side, Moosend offers free plans for businesses that have less than 1,000 subscribers, thus making them accessible to the newly emerging email marketing businesses.

GDPR Compliance and Data Security

It is in this development and digital age that have triggered the need for ensuring data security, including compliance issues with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Moosend offers features to address these issues with seriousness deserving of business to comply with GDPR and other privacy laws.

This is a promise that safeguards not only the sensitive data of a subscriber but also builds the trust of the users by making sure their information is properly and humanly handled.

Advanced automation workflows, segment templates, real-time analytics, user-friendly pricing, and a compliance and security emphasis are these unique selling propositions that distinctly set Moosend apart in the market and make it a compelling choice for driving their email marketing engine at full throttle.

Moosend Pricing and Plans

Moosend offers a range of pricing plans designed to cater to businesses of different sizes and needs, making it accessible for startups while scalable enough for large enterprises. Here’s a breakdown of Moosend’s current pricing structures and what each plan offers:

Free Plan

  • Subscriber Limit: Up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Email Sends: Unlimited
  • Features: Access to core features including email campaigns, sign-up and subscription forms, reporting and analytics, and basic customer support. This plan is ideal for small businesses or those just starting out with email marketing, allowing them to test the platform’s basic capabilities without financial commitment.

Pro Plan

  • Pricing: Starts at $9 per month (pricing scales with the number of subscribers)
  • Subscriber Limit: No specific cap; priced based on subscriber count
  • Email Sends: Unlimited
  • Features: Includes all features from the Free Plan plus landing pages, transactional emails, phone support, and access to SMTP server. This plan also includes automation workflows, which are crucial for setting up sophisticated, behavior-based email sequences.
  • Additional Benefits: Pro users get more detailed reporting and analytics, as well as the ability to remove Moosend branding from emails and landing pages, providing a more professional appearance.

Enterprise Plan

  • Pricing: Custom pricing based on the specific needs and scale of the business
  • Subscriber Limit: Customizable
  • Email Sends: Unlimited
  • Features: Includes all features from the Pro Plan, with additions like account management, SSO & SAML, onboarding and migration assistance, and dedicated IP addresses.
  • Customization: Enterprises can request custom features and integrations, tailored support, and advanced training sessions for their teams.
  • Additional Benefits: Enterprise customers receive priority support and are typically assigned a dedicated account manager who helps optimize their email marketing strategies and resolves any issues quickly.

Additional Offerings

  • Pay As You Go: Moosend also offers a Pay As You Go option, which is suitable for businesses that don’t send emails frequently but want full access to Moosend’s powerful features. This option allows users to purchase email credits as needed without a monthly subscription fee.

Each of these plans is designed to offer flexibility and scalability, ensuring that businesses can grow their email marketing efforts as they expand their subscriber bases and marketing needs. Moosend’s clear and flexible pricing structure is one of its competitive advantages, allowing businesses of all sizes to choose precisely what they need and adjust their plans as their requirements change.

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Performance and Reporting

Moosend comes fully decked with a reporting and analytical toolkit that allows marketers to measure and optimize email campaigns. The former offers real-time information and spans from the most general to the most specific values, offering insights into every part of the email campaigns. Below are broken-down details of some important reporting features on Moosend:

Performance Overview

Moosend has a campaign dashboard that shows a summary of the performance of the campaign, including its open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This summary is able to tell the marketer the success of the campaign and also help them check for trends that are experienced over time.

The performance dashboard is designed with the sole purpose of data simplification at a glance, whereby the displayed data are all in graphs or charts.

Tracking Recipient Activity

Understanding how the recipients were interacting will help in optimizing future campaigns. Moosend enables a track of detailed recipient activities, like opens, clicks, and social shares. This data can be dug down to the level of a single user, giving you insights into how the subscriber engages with your content. That level of granularity goes so far to tailor your segmentation and personalization of emails to the detail level that it might bring up both your engagement and conversion rates.

Clicks on Links

Another essential feature of Moosend is link tracking, which enables a marketer to understand the most clicked link within an email. Such information is important since it will be able to tell what content attracts the eye of the receiver and hence maybe drive the receiver into action.

Moosend will not only track the overall clicks in your campaign but also on each and every link that you include, thus providing data that will help you know which call-to-action and design element is effective within your email.

Types of devices

Run your email campaigns in a multi-device world, knowing just exactly which device your subscribers are using to read your emails. Have in your possession all-around reports from Moosend about the device your recipient uses—be it desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

This is useful for optimizing the emails on different screens and operating systems to give a smooth and engaging user experience from whichever device one may use.

Advanced capabilities in reporting

Advanced users would be able to export the data for further analysis or integration with other analytic tools. Marketers can aggregate their email campaign data with the rest of their performance metrics coming from the marketing stack, allowing comprehensive analysis and thus better strategic decisions.

Undoubtedly, the available reporting tools in Moosend are a marketer’s must-have for deep campaign performance insight. Certainly, such analytics will further help a user make informed adjustments to strategies, thus enhancing overall strategy effectiveness to harness higher ROI out of email marketing efforts.

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Moosend Review: Pros and Cons of Using Moosend

While Moosend is one of the most used email marketing platforms, the nature of things applies to all tools out there. So, according to user and expert analysis, the following is a short enumeration with its pros and potential cons of using the marketing automation software – Moosend.


Moosend’s interface is clean and intuitive, which most of its users leave praises for. The guiding by the platform is friendly to even beginners.

Advanced Automation Features: Strong automation tools on Moosend enable users to create detail-oriented, behavior-triggered campaigns and lead to a huge improvement in engagement and, by extension, conversion metrics.

Make it affordable


Affordability can be one of the major reasons why Moosend is chosen for email marketing over many other email marketing platforms. It is a top-tier offer, except for the very tempting free plan designed for small businesses and startups.

Flexible Template Options: Get access to a wide selection of customizable templates so you can create professional-looking emails on the fly, even if design isn’t your thing.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools: Moosend offers complete detailed analytics and reporting tools that enable monitoring the performance of the campaign in real time up to the last detail, e.g., opens, clicks, conversions.

Responsive Customer Support: The Moosend customer service is very responsive and supportive, available for contact through a number of outlets such as live chat and email.


Limited Integrations: Though Moosend offers integrations with some of the popular services, the number and type of third-party integrations are quite limited compared to what is found with much bigger competitors. However, it may place a business that runs many tools with broad integration requirements at a disadvantage.

Learning Curve for Basic Features: Many users report that while learning basic features is easy, when it comes to many functions, especially in automation, it has a steeper learning curve.

Email deliverability woes: Some of the users have complained of facing email deliverability problems that are a prerequisite to making your email marketing effort a success. Arguably, this could be due to the way users handled their email lists and carried out their email marketing activities discreetly.

Free Plan Limitation: The free plan has some advanced features, including a landing page builder and team management, only available through paid subscriptions, which may limit users who are not yet ready to scale their plans.

No native CRM: For a business that may want an all-in-one solution with customer relations management (CRM) capabilities, then Moosend may not suffice, since it does not provide for native CRM.

Overall, Moosend has a strong set of small-to-medium business tools for email marketing. However, it can be a downside due to the fact that some integrations are not supported, and the advanced features are hard to access. Outside of these two weaknesses, its strengths in automations and user-friendliness are some of the best.

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Moosend Review: Customer Support and Community

Moosend prides itself on its support and community involvement, offering a variety of support channels and resources to provide timely assistance and build an edifying community of users. Here’s a detailed look at Moosend’s customer support and community resources:

Customer Support

Live Chat: Moosend offers a live chat feature directly from the platform, allowing users to easily reach the support staff and get quick answers to inquiries during business hours. This feature is appreciated for its speed and efficiency.

Email Support: For more detailed questions or issues that require elaborate help, Moosend provides email support to all its users. The support team’s responses are usually helpful and complete, delivered within reasonable timeframes.

Knowledge Base: Moosend maintains an extensive online knowledge base filled with articles, guides, video tutorials, and FAQs designed to help users address common problems and effectively use the platform’s features. This resource is invaluable for clients who prefer self-service over direct interaction with support staff.

Webinars: Moosend hosts regular webinars that cover everything from basic platform navigation to intricate email marketing strategies. These sessions are instructive and interactive, allowing users to ask questions directly to Moosend experts.

Community Resources

Community Forum: Although not as extensive as those found on larger platforms, Moosend’s community forum enables users to interact, share insights, and seek help. It’s a space where marketers can exchange ideas, discuss best practices, and support each other.

Social Media Channels: Moosend maintains active social media profiles where they share marketing tips and engage with their user base in a casual and friendly manner.

Blog: Moosend’s blog offers a wealth of articles on email marketing, automation tips, industry news, and best practices. This content helps users stay informed about the latest trends in email marketing and enhance their campaign strategies.

Training and Onboarding

Moosend provides personalized onboarding assistance for new users, helping them to quickly understand the platform’s core functionalities, set up their first campaigns, and begin leveraging the power of email marketing effectively.

Overall, Moosend’s customer support and community resources are well-organized to ensure that both newbies and professionals can find the necessary aid and information they need. From direct support to educational resources and community engagement, Moosend strives to keep its users informed, supported, and connected.

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Moosend Review 2024: Is this The email tool for you?

In this detailed Moosend review, we’re taking a look at a platform with rich features, intuitive design, competitive pricing, and a strong support system. Moosend provides a user-friendly interface, a rich template library, and advanced automation features that will cover even the most stringent needs—from single campaigns to complex, behavior-based automations.

Key Takeaways:

  • User-Friendly Interface: As opposed to others, Moosend has an easy-to-use dashboard with a drag-and-drop editor that’s suitable for marketers at all levels.
  • Advanced Automation and Segmentation: Experience advanced automation workflows and whole segmentation options to run perfectly targeted and effective email campaigns.
  • Affordable Pricing: With a flexible and transparent pricing structure, Moosend provides options suitable for businesses at different stages, including a comprehensive free plan.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools: Moosend’s real-time analytics and detailed reporting allow you, the user, to track your campaigns’ performance and make informed decisions.
  • Support and Resources: Moosend offers various support options, including live chat, email, a rich knowledge base, community forums, and regular webinars that educate users.

With so many positive “Moosend Reviews,” it’s evident that Moosend can work wonders for your business when it comes to up-scaling your email marketing game.

Whether you are a rookie small business owner or a seasoned marketer within a large marketing enterprise, Moosend has the tools to offer the flexibility needed for starting, building, executing, and managing email campaigns effectively.

If ease of use, advanced marketing automation capabilities, and value for investment are what you are looking for, then Moosend is certainly the right tool for you.

However, if your needs extend to areas like extensive third-party integrations or native CRM functionality, this is one area where you might want to consider your options carefully.

Most marketers will find Moosend more useful than its limitations, making it a worthy addition to your marketing toolbox.

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Is Moosend easy to use?

Yes, Moosend is renowned for its user-friendly interface. The platform features a drag-and-drop editor that simplifies email creation, making it accessible for users with little to no technical expertise. Additionally, the intuitive dashboard and setup process allow for quick mastery of the tool’s functionalities.

Which site is best for email marketing?

The best site for email marketing depends on your specific needs, including budget, the complexity of campaigns, and desired features. Moosend is highly recommended for its automation features, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing. Other popular options include Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Sendinblue, each with unique strengths.

What does Moosend do?

Moosend is an email marketing service provider that allows businesses to design, send, and track email marketing campaigns. It offers features like automation workflows, real-time analytics, a rich template library, and segmentation tools to enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Is Moosend free?

Moosend offers a free plan which includes access to core features such as email campaigns, sign-up forms, and basic reporting for up to 1,000 subscribers. This makes it a great option for small businesses and startups. For more advanced features, paid plans are available.

Is email marketing a good option?

Yes, email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. It offers high ROI, allows for direct communication with customers, and can be highly personalized. Email marketing is versatile and can support a wide range of marketing objectives from brand awareness to lead conversion.

How does email marketing business work?

An email marketing business operates by sending targeted, personalized messages to a list of email subscribers to promote products, services, or content. Businesses collect subscribers through opt-in forms, and use email marketing platforms to manage mailing lists, create emails, automate sending schedules, and analyze results to refine future campaigns.

Why do companies use Mailchimp?

Companies use Mailchimp for its extensive set of tools that accommodate various email marketing needs. Known for its ease of use, Mailchimp also offers features like marketing automation, detailed analytics, a wide range of integrations, and responsive templates, making it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

How does mail marketing work?

Mail marketing, or direct mail marketing, involves sending physical marketing materials, such as brochures, postcards, or catalogs, directly to the homes or offices of targeted individuals. It works by grabbing attention through tangible, personalized messages that can often feel more personal than digital communications.

What is an email marketing tool?

An email marketing tool is software used to create, send, track, and optimize email campaigns. It typically includes features for designing emails, managing subscriber lists, automating the sending of emails based on certain triggers, and analyzing the performance of campaigns to improve future efforts. Popular examples include Moosend, Mailchimp, and HubSpot.

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