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Decktopus Review 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features

  by Jamil Ahmed / June 13, 2023

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Welcome to our in-depth 2023 Decktopus AI review.

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by the task of making presentations?

Are you looking for a smarter, more efficient way to do it? If so, you have found the right place.

Decktopus AI is an innovative, AI-powered presentation tool that promises to transform the way we create and deliver presentations.

This tool could be the solution if you are in sales, marketing, or a founder. It could also be used if you are part of a webinar or conference.

Let’s explore Decktopus AI. and

  • What are its key features and benefits?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Why has it become a popular choice for many professionals?

Decktopus Review 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features

Overview of Decktopus AI

Decktopus AI is different from your average presentation tool. This modern system uses AI to change how we create and present slideshows completely.

This platform is designed for many people; you don’t need any design skills. Examples include sales professionals, marketing managers, account executives, founders, and agencies.

Individuals hosting webinars and conferences and those in customer care and success roles can also benefit.

Decktopus AI eliminates the need for a design background. Also, you will only have to spend a little time crafting a presentation.

The platform is designed to do the heavy lifting for you thanks to AI capabilities. It can help you create professional, engaging presentations in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

AI is not just a buzzword in Decktopus AI. It plays an important role in the tool. It improves the tool’s functionality and efficiency.

The platform’s AI algorithms can help you create a presentation. They suggest images and icons, generate content and notes, and quickly change themes to fit your style or branding.

The power of Decktopus AI’s instant deck generation cannot be understated. This feature enables users to swiftly create presentations for diverse purposes with the assistance of AI.

Say goodbye to tedious slide-piecing. Decktopus AI offers you a streamlined and user-friendly experience. This way, you can focus on your content and message.

User reviews reflect positively on the platform’s time-saving capabilities, ease of use, and design flexibility.

Some limitations are reported by users of the tool, such as slow performance and downloading issues. The Decktopus team may need to address these issues in the future.

Decktopus AI simplifies creating a pitch deck, marketing presentation, or webinar. It makes the process as smooth and efficient as possible. But does it deliver on its promise? Let’s explore this further.

Who Should Use Decktopus AI?

Decktopus AI is an incredibly versatile tool that meets various professionals’ needs. It’s particularly beneficial for:

Sales Professionals

Decktopus AI has the power to create attractive and persuasive pitch decks quickly. This can be a major advantage for sales professionals. It allows them to focus on what they do best – selling – while leaving the design and presentation building to the AI.

Marketing Managers

Marketing is all about communication, and what better way to communicate than through compelling presentations? Decktopus AI helps marketing managers easily create presentations for campaigns, product launches, and more.

Account Executives

In roles where communication with clients is key, Decktopus AI can be an invaluable tool. It allows account executives to create professional presentations and proposals effortlessly.

Founders and Agencies

When pitching to investors or presenting ideas to clients, first impressions count. With Decktopus AI, founders and agencies can create professional and visually appealing presentations that will impress.

Webinars and Conferences

Decktopus AI is also useful for creating engaging and informative content for webinars and conferences. It takes the hassle out of the design process, allowing you to focus on delivering value to your audience.

Customer Care & Success Executives:

Presentations can be valuable in roles focused on customer satisfaction and retention. Decktopus AI makes creating presentations for customer onboarding, support, and success initiatives easy.

It can help you, no matter what your experience is. If you’re a professional in a high-stakes role, you can rely on Decktopus AI. Or, if you need to make an impressive presentation, Decktopus AI can help with that too.


Key Features of Decktopus AI

AI Deck Builder

One of the standout features of Decktopus AI is its ability to generate professional presentations quickly.

This feature can save you time. It is ideal if you need to prepare for a meeting or create a presentation quickly. You don’t need to spend hours on design and layout.

Instant Theme Change

With Decktopus AI, changing the theme of your presentation is a breeze. Do you need to make your presentation match your branding? Or do you just want a new style? The instant theme change feature can help you.

AI-powered Image & Icon Suggestions

When it comes to enhancing the visual appeal of your presentation, Decktopus AI is there to assist. The tool offers smart image and icon suggestions to make your slides more engaging and visually compelling.

AI-generated Slide Notes

Delivering a presentation effectively is as important as creating it, and Decktopus AI understands this. The AI-generated slide notes feature helps you stay on point during your presentation, ensuring you deliver your message effectively.

AI-generated Slide Content

This feature takes the AI capabilities of Decktopus a notch higher. It can generate slide content tailored to your presentation needs, saving you time and effort in content creation.

The user experience has been considered in the design of these features. This makes Decktopus AI not only powerful but also easy to use.

Creating a presentation can be daunting. These features can help you make a lasting impression for a sales pitch, marketing campaign, or investor meeting. They will ensure your presentation is memorable.

Benefits of Using Decktopus AI

For Sales and Marketing Teams

Decktopus AI is a game-changer. The platform helps these teams quickly create engaging presentations, saving time and effort.

AI-powered image and icon suggestions and auto-generated content can help businesses focus on their key activities. This includes selling and marketing rather than spending hours creating presentations.

For Founders and Agencies

As a founder or agency, you must often present ideas to clients, investors, or internal teams. Decktopus AI can help you make these presentations professional and visually appealing.

The AI-generated slide notes feature can be particularly beneficial when you need to deliver a pitch perfectly.

For Webinars and Conferences: For those organizing webinars or speaking at conferences, Decktopus AI can be a huge time-saver. With this tool, you can develop informative and captivating content effortlessly.

The feature “instant theme change” lets you customize the appearance of your presentation. This allows you to make it match the event’s theme or your business’s branding.

Overall, Decktopus AI has something to offer everyone. This tool has a wide range of features and AI capabilities. It is worth considering for anyone who makes presentations regularly.


User Reviews

The reviews for Decktopus AI have been generally positive. Many users have praised its user-friendly interface. They have also appreciated the smart capabilities provided by the AI.

They loved how it made creating presentations quick and easy.

Many users have praised the tool’s ability to create smart presentations in just a few minutes. Its design and the options to add forms and collect information from respondents have been lauded. Users found the ability to add voice, videos, and GIFs on a slide to be particularly innovative and useful.

Ease of use has been a common theme among the positive reviews. Users felt that Decktopus AI simplified the process of creating presentations, saving them significant time.

However, every tool has its drawbacks, and Decktopus AI is no exception. Some users reported issues downloading their work and felt that the performance could be slow. H

It is essential to keep in mind that user experiences may differ. Individual technical issues or particular use cases could have caused some of these issues.

Despite these few criticisms, the overall sentiment remains positive. Many users have found Decktopus AI to be a valuable tool that enhances their presentation creation process.


Decktopus AI Pricing Review

Decktopus AI offers flexible pricing options that cater to various needs and budgets. My last check on their official pricing page shows that they provide three main plans – Free, Pro, and Business.


This plan allows you to access basic features such as creating and sharing presentations online and limited templates. It’s a great option to get a feel of Decktopus AI and understand its work.


Priced at $9.99 per month, the Pro plan unlocks many additional features. Users get access to all templates, can remove Decktopus branding, export their presentations, and much more. This plan is ideal for individual users who frequently create presentations.


The Business plan costs $36 per month. It includes all the features of the Pro plan. Plus, it offers multi-user collaboration, priority support, and other advanced features. This is perfect for businesses and teams looking for a robust solution for their presentation needs.

Decktopus AI offers a 10% discount on all plans when billed annually. [ Do you offer any? Additionally, they offer a 3-day free trial for the Pro plan. This gives you a chance to test out the premium features before committing to a subscription.]

It is important to note that prices can vary. Therefore, checking their official pricing page is always a good idea. This will guarantee that you have the most exact and current details.


Wrapping Up: Decktopus Review – Is AI Presentation Software Worth It?

Having dived into the features, benefits, and pricing of Decktopus, it’s time to wrap up this Decktopus review. Is it worth it? The short answer is – absolutely, particularly for professionals and businesses who often need to create engaging presentations.

The AI-powered capabilities of Decktopus make presentation creation a breeze.

The features of this product are not just decorative. They are practical tools that can save time and increase productivity. Instant Deck Generation and AI-generated Slide Content are two examples of these features.

Instant Theme Change and AI-powered Image & Icon Suggestions offer convenience. This can drastically reduce the time spent on adjusting the aesthetics of presentations.

Users are pleased with Decktopus. They praise its ability to create presentations rapidly. They also appreciate its user-friendly interface.

The option to add multi-media elements like voice, videos, and GIFs on a slide is a noteworthy plus. However, like all software, it has its downsides.

Some users mentioned issues with downloading their work and occasional slow performance. It’s hoped that Decktopus will address these in future updates.

Regarding pricing, Decktopus offers reasonable options catering to individual users and larger businesses. The free trial allows potential users to test the software before committing, which is always a good sign.

Decktopus could be a great tool for you, depending on your needs. Sales professionals can use it to create visually striking presentations.

Founders can use it to make impressive presentations for investors. Agencies can use it to improve internal communications.

After all, in our increasingly digital world, who wouldn’t want to leverage AI to simplify their work processes?

Decktopus is a promising tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to help create presentations.

It’s worth considering if you’re looking for an intuitive, quick, and efficient way to craft professional presentations effortlessly.

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